Be Different with a T-Equalizer Shirt

The t-equalizer is the latest craze on the web that is spilling over to the club scene. You will surely stand out with the glowing colors and designs that vary from the common equalizer bars to the Wi-Fi detector that light up these t-shirts.

tequalizer flashing shirt

Anyone from any place in the world can buy an LED t shirt online by going to LED Fashion website.


Equalizer T shirt for Clubbers and Music Lovers


The equalizer t-shirt first came out as one of the design for LED light up shirts. LED technology was invented in the 1960s, although the technology that allowed LED to be incorporated in t-shirts was invented only recently. Now, the t-equalizer is among one of the most popular t-shirts for clubbing, rave concerts, and almost any other activity where there is a crowd and you want to stand out. It is available online and comes in various colors and designs, as well as varied t-shirt styles.

T-equalizer designs

Top designs for shirts include the pink love design, the classic equalizer design, dancing girl designs, the unique smile t-equalizer, and the rainbows t-equalizer. There's also the equalizer music edition and the dancer t-shirt.

equalizer flashing tshirtCorporate logos in LED are also available. Whatever design you want, you can always have your shirts personalized and customized for that special touch.

Buying a t-equalizer Shirt

An equalizer shirt is available online in virtually all designs that it comes in. You can also request for a customized t-shirt that lights up according to the design that you want. You can choose from varied colors of shirts, from classic black to pink.

Where to buy in Australia?

You can buy an equalizer t-shirt from your local department store, but there are more options online and you can often get the best deals online as well. Some websites even offer customizable t-shirts that use the Electro Luminescence technology using designs other than the equalizer design. Go to the LED Fashion website to buy your shirt.

How to clean your t-equalizer

Cleaning the t-equalizer may see a bit daunting since it has electronic components. However, this is actually very easy to do. Simply remove the battery packs and the power cord from the shirt and gently hand-wash the shirt with soap and water. However, avoid wetting the shirt with water, as this will destroy the LED panel. Never wring the shirt when drying and never spin-dry. Simply air-dry and avoid bending any part of the LED panel. Any distortions in the electronic panel will destroy your shirt.

Anyone from any place in the world can buy an LED t shirt online by going to LED Fashion website.


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